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ParkLane supports Kwantlen Design Program

ParkLane was pleased to support the Kwantlen Polytechnic University Bachelor of Interior Design Program.  ParkLane's Interior Designer, Cynthia Florano, is seen here, presenting the ParkLane Homes Interior Design Scholarship to students Diana Zolkiewski and Jennifer Netherton.

Student Diana Zolkiewski said: Rarely is it seen that an industry is so engaged with its students, which are ultimately its future.  I am extremely grateful to be recognized, and supported in my education by ParkLane Homes and I cannot tell you how much this means to me, as a student.  Thank you.

When Diana was asked what her dream design would look like in Vancouver, she said: implementing my dream design would involve working on the design and creation of a small community library, bookstore and cafe.  This community hub would allow for the amalgamation of many different peoples and ideas. Further, it would explore the idea of transparency through design, leaving no barriers between the operation aspects of the employees and the functional aspects of that the customers enjoy.  This would be a place of safety and honesty, promoting, through design, an integration of people, place and design.

Congratulations to both Diana Zolkiewski and Jennifer Netherton.