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3/27/2010 - Vancouver Sun

ParkLane Returns to Competition with Five Awards

Sales and marketing are an essential component of residential homebuilding.

Architecturally striking condos and single-family homes are all very well, but without the ability to get the word out in an effective manner, successis not guaranteed.

Enter ParkLane Homes, who proved once again at the 2009 Georgie Awards that not only can they create outstanding neighbourhoods, they also know how to sell them and how!

The company that has built more than 5,500 homes in more than 90 communities since 1980 returned to the awards in full force after an absence of six years, taking top spot on the all-time Leaderboard with 36 wins. This years awards included Best Single Family Detached Home Under 2,000 Sq. Ft. Spec, for Bedford Landing in Fort Langley and BestSingleFamilyDetachedHome2,000 2,999Sq. Ft. for Southport in South Surrey. In addition, they garnered another three for the The Block, namely Best Logo, Best Advertising Campaign and Marketing Campaign of the Year.

The 32-townhome Main Street project, the companys first in Vancouver, sold out in six months, in large part due to its marketing campaign, according to Yosh Kasahara, ParkLanes marketing manager. "It sold very successfully last year in the most challenging conditions we've seen in a long time," he says.

The first in a series of print ads for The Block shows a couple hunched over a small table, attempting to eat in a tiny, box-like room. The headline reads: Is Your Condo Feeling Cramped? The next ad in the series shows the young couple ostensibly shouting at each other as the walls and ceiling close in on them with the banner: Face It: Your Condo is Too Cramped.

Eye-catching with a touch of humour with obvious appeal to the awards judges.

ParkLane, winner of more than 300 honours in B.C. and national competitions, views the Georgie Awards as an increasingly valuable resource for homebuyers who can then identify those builders who have excelled beyond their competitors, Kasahara notes. "We know that buyers are looking for more information these days before making purchases and the biggest challenge they face is knowing which builders can actually walk the talk."

Not to underestimate the value for buyers of the Best Single Family Detached Home awards, he says. "It's great for us to receive marketing awards but to win both for Bedford Landing [Under 2,000 Sq. Ft.] and for Southport [2,000 -2,999 Sq. Ft.] really is a big credit to our in-house design, development and construction teams. That can give the buyers who are looking at these communities the confidence that they are buying the best homes on the market. "

Prior to The Block ParkLane built primarily in the Tri-Cities and the Fraser Valley. Next year Vancouverites will again have a chance to see their homes in the new East Fraserlands development, a large, mixed-use community of 7,000-plus apartment and townhomes, stores, schools and a community centre.

This is by far the largest new community in the city, says Kasahara. "We are excited to be a part of creating this new neighbourhood of Vancouver."

Source: The Vancouver Sun