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1/26/2007 - ParkLane Press Release

ParkLane Homes Supports Children's Arts Umbrella

Vancouver, BC, January 26, 2007 - ParkLane Homes is proud to announce its continued support of Arts Umbrella.  Since 1994 ParkLane has been a supporter of this foundation.  During this partnership, ParkLane's total contribution over the past 14 consecutive years is equal to over $75,000.

For the past 27 years, Arts Umbrella has consistently delivered high-quality arts programming with the goal of providing children and youth with lifelong learning skills.  The Arts Umbrella remains committed to its mission of "inspiring kids for life" and they strive to remove barriers in the hopes of encouraging participation in arts education.  Over this time, Arts Umbrella has garnered a reputation as a highly effective, innovative and well-respected organization, not only within the arts community, but also in the health and education sectors.

"Everyday, Arts Umbrella strives to inspire kids for life through high quality and arts programming.  Simply put, we could not do this, were it not for longstanding relationships with true partners such as ParkLane Homes.  We're grateful that they continue to support us, helping make a difference in the lives of thousands of children," said Lucille Pacey, Executive Director.

"ParkLane is proud to help Arts Umbrella provide exceptional programs that make arts accessible to the young people in our communities," says Gary Marshall, General Manager of Sales & Marketing, ParkLane Homes.

One of ParkLane's goals is to provide support and give back to the communities where they build.  Over the past 25 years, ParkLane has grown to be one of western Canada's largest and most recognized residential developers building more than 5,500 homes in over 90 award winning communities across the Lower Mainland.