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2/24/2006 - ParkLane Press Release

ParkLane Homes Supports Children's Arts Umbrella Foundation

Vancouver, BC - February 24, 2004 - The Arts Umbrella gratefully acknowledges the support and generosity of ParkLane Homes who contributes $5,000 towards the 2006 Annual Programming Campaign.  ParkLane Homes has been supporting the Arts Umbrella since 1994.

"ParkLane's support truly makes a difference and we look forward to working with them to inspire kids for life," said Lucille Pacey, Executive Director of Arts Umbrella.  "ParkLane's pledge will help the Arts Umbrella continue to offer high quality educational programs for children and youth in our community."

"The magic created by Arts Umbrella is difficult to capture with words.  There are moments of accomplishment, realization, and pure joy as children and youth explore the arts for themselves.  Whether painting a picture, performing in a play, dancing for their peers, or singing in a choir, young people at the Arts Umbrella learn about themselves, each other, and the world around them," said Pacey.

One of ParkLane's goals is to provide support to the communities in which they build.  Over the past 25 years ParkLane has grown to be one of western Canada's largest and most recognized residential developers building more than 5,500 homes in over 90 award winning communities across the Lower Mainland.